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Top 3 Reasons College is a Must and Not a Myth: Tuition Free Degrees Now

"A Black Cop Confronts the Crisis of Police Shootings and Racial Conflict: 'We All Bleed the Same.'"

In Gary, Indiana, only eleven percent of adults age 25 and over have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. The town’s unemployment rate, 6.1%, is the lowest it has been since 2008 – yet is still significantly higher than the national average of five percent. In Gary and similar towns across America, the weight of poverty and the prospect of crippling college debt often prevent students from reaching beyond a high school degree.

GEO Academies Graduate to Intel Engineer!

on Thursday, 06 October 2016 15:50

As a GEO Academy student, Jeremiah Tate was taking college classes from age 13. He skipped 5th grade and 7th grade, and due to the GEO academic model, was able to speed through material faster than his classmates. He graduated high school at age 16, and by then,Jeremiah had earned over 50 college credits, all paid for by GEO Academies. 

GEO Academies Graduate to IU Law Student!

on Thursday, 06 October 2016 15:18

Jamal Abdulrasheed graduated from a GEO Academy in YEAR.  He is now a law student at the IU McKinney School of Law in Indianapolis and a Business Associate at GEO Foundation.

Proof Positive: Our Model Works!

on Friday, 16 September 2016 15:28

In 2005, we were invited to Gary, Indiana by hometown leaders to start a public charter school. Residents wanted to do something to help improve the educational outcomes in the city. They witnessed annual high school graduation rates hovering around 50%, and college Associate and Bachelor degrees were and still are almost non-existent (only 5% and 6% of households in Gary have one of these degrees respectively). We believed we could create a school that produces on-time high school graduates AND students who experienced and earned a serious number of college credits, indeed earn their Associate Degree, while enrolled with us.  Additionally, we believed if we did our job right, our students would graduate and go on to complete a four-year college degree, too.

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