ABC News Covers Pikes Peak Prep, Chicago Tribune Covers Gary, And We Are Changing Lives

on Friday, 09 June 2017 21:33

It's graduation time of the year and boy is it busy! Yesterday, we had college signing day in Gary, Indiana. A great day to celebrate all of our students being accepted to college and committing to finishing college. The Chicago Tribune filed this news report on the festivities in Gary.

We will be celebrating college signing day in Colorado Springs May 23rd. The Colorado Springs ABC affiliate, KRDO, filed this news report May 10th on our Pikes Peak Prep college program. Our seniors have earned an average of 34 college credits prior to graduating from high school this year.

Friends, we are changing lives and families. The picture to the right is of my favorite family at 21st Century. D'Nesha Young, left, is a graduate this year and she earned her Associate Degree. Her mother, Theresa Canady was our bus driver helping our students take their college classes. Her daughter, Nyesha, right, earned her Associate Degree in 2014. Mrs. Canady saw what Nyesha was doing and enrolled in college, too. Now, she has her Associate Degree, too. Nyesha went on and earned her Bachelor degree in actuarial science from Ball State in 2016--two years after graduating from our high school. Mrs. Canady now serves as our assistant high school counselor. Oh, and yes, Mrs. Canady has one more child who will earn his Associate degree before he graduates, too. That's three students in one family! Wow!!!

What we are doing is transformative!

Join us! Help us help more families. Yes, we can!


Kevin Teasley
GEO Foundation
Twitter: @teasleygeo

PS: Yes, it's a wonderful life!

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